Using Nidek NAVIS-EX

It is very easy to export photos to RetinaLyze if your Nidek Navis software is setup to use RetinaLyze.

  • Right click on the image you want to export, choose export and click on “RetinaLyze”.
  • Open RetinaLyze in a browser.
  • Open the overview page (the first page after login) and press F5 on the keyboard or press the RetinaLyze logo.
  • You can now start the analysis of the images.

Setup Nidek NAVIS-EX

Before using this, you need to install RetinaLyzeUpload.

While installing RetinaLyzeUpload you will be asked for which camera you use. Choose “Nidek Navis” when asked.

  • Open NAVIS-EX from the desktop
  • Click "Setup" and then "Setting" in the top menu.
  • Choose the export tab.
  • Press New.
  • Input "RetinaLyze" (without quotation marks) in Function Name.
  • Choose “Export jpeg files(s)” in Module Name
  • Click Detail...
  • Set Folder to C:\RetinaLyzeUpload
  • Choose “Name + Code” in drop down
  • Click OK 3 times (in the 3 windows)
  • Nidek Navis is now setup to use RetinaLyze.
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