Install RetinaLyzeUpload via USB

To install RetinaLyzeUpload via a USB stick, you need access to a computer and a USB stick. The first part of this guide is preparing the USB stick before inserting it into the camera.

On your own computer

  1. Download the latest version from here:
  2. Extract files to USB stick
  3. Double click the config file
  4. Edit these three lines (there should not be a space around the equal sign):
  5. Save the config file and disconnect the USB stick from the computer

On the camera

  1. Insert the USB stick which you have prepared.
  2. Double click vc_redist.x86. 
  3. When it has been installed, double click RetinaLyzeUploadSilentInstaller. 
  4. When it is finished, double click install.
  5. RetinaLyze Upload is now installed. 

Two new files appear. If the program does not work, please send us these two files (install_log and RetinaLyzeUpload).

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