The RetinaLyze Glaucoma algorithm automatically segments and analyzes the Optic Nerve Head / Optic Disc analysis, therefore it's important to ensure that Optic Nerve Head is present in the image. 

When a glaucoma analysis is initiated by the user, the system checks if the Optic Nerve Head is present in the fundus photo and if the automatic segmentation is possible before running the glaucoma analysis. If any of these checks fail, the system will display the following error:

"The image could not be analysed. Capture a new image and try again."

The result of the analysis will be "No ONH" and displayed as shown below:

If the image quality is sub-optimal, the "Ungradable" result will display as usual:

As stated in the error, the solution is simply to capture a new fundus photo (while ensuring that the ONH is present in the image and that the image quality is good enough) and then analyze that instead of the original image. 

If the error persists, feel free to contact us.

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