The glaucoma analysis is performed using colorimetry (measurement of differences in color), therefore it's important to ensure that the analyzed fundus photo is not saturated. Since a saturated image can lead to unreliable results, we have implemented an automatic safe-guard.

When a glaucoma analysis is initiated by the user, the system checks if the fundus photo is saturated before running the glaucoma analysis. If the image is saturated, the system will display the following error:

"The image is too saturated to perform the analysis, please capture a new photo with a lower flash setting."

The result of the analysis will be "Saturated" and displayed like below:

As stated in the error, the solution is simply to capture a new fundus photo with a lower flash setting and then analyze that instead of the original image. 

If you need help lowering the flash setting on your fundus camera, feel free to get in touch with us or your fundus camera supplier. You can also check out this section of the Helpcenter to find a guide for your specific camera.

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