Your account page

The account page can be used to tweak your settings in the web application and setup the integration with fundus cameras to enable automatic transfer of images and data to the web application.

The account page can be accessed by clicking on your username in the menu. 

Email and notifications

The RetinaLyze web application sends email notifications to the email listed in your Account page, whenever you receive a response from the Eye-Specialist Backup (telemedicine solution) or if you choose to send a link with an image to your email.

You can choose to disable email notifications completely by removing the checkmark in the "Receive email notifications" box.

Company details

If the company/store/clinic information listed in your Account-page is incorrect or incomplete, please contact us to have it corrected.

API credentials for RetinaLyzeUpload

The Account-page lists the your User ID, API key and Secret Key for use in the setup of RetinaLyzeUpload, which enables automatic transfer of data and images from the fundus camera/pc to RetinaLyze.

Only one API key is available per account. A new Secret key can be generated on the Account-page, if necessary.

Please do not share the information listed in the API-section of the Account page with anyone.

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