Traditionally, the Overview-page contains the uploaded images as well as the results of automatic analyses and ESB evaluations.

Depending on the physical environment in which you are capturing images and reading the results, it may be helpful to be able to hide the results.
An example could be an optometrist store, where the image capturing process takes place in a public area (display/store area). In this case, it would be helpful that the results of the automatic analyses were hidden until the operator could relay them to the client/patient in private.

It is possible separate the Not analysed and Analysed lists and display them on different pages. The Not analysed images (without results) will then be displayed on the Overview-page, while the Analysed images (with results) will be displayed on the Result-page.

The Result page is an optional feature, which can be enabled/disabled on a per-chain basis.

Please contact us, if you are interested in this feature.

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