What file formats can be used with the RetinaLyze fundus/retinal image algorithms?

The RetinaLyze algorithms currently support both .jpg/.jpeg and DICOM file types.

What type of fundus images can be used with the RetinaLyze algorithms?

Use of Macula-centered vs. ONH centered imagery

Images centered on the macula or optic nerve may be used, but each fundus camera should always be used in the same way (if RetinaLyze Glaucoma is used).

Min/max angle of view (e.g. 30-200 degrees)

The angle should be at least 30 degrees. There is no maximum angle of view.

Angle of view (Specific for RetinaLyze Glaucoma)

The image must always include the entire optic nerve. Each fundus camera should always be used with the same angular amplification.

Use of White-light/SLO imagery?

Only images obtained with conventional polychromatic white light can be analyzed. Images obtained with SLO, monochromatic lighting or confocal scanning systems should not be used.

Supported and calibrated fundus cameras

Calibration of the RetinaLyze Glaucoma algorithm to each camera

As the RetinaLyze Glaucoma algorithm relies on colours, the algorithm must be calibrated to each fundus camera before the first use. Please contact your dealer to hear more about this procedure. 

Supported fundus cameras

The following fundus cameras support the RetinaLyze algorithms. If your camera is not on the list, please contact us to find out more about calibration and camera support:

  • Canon CR1

  • Canon CR2-AF/CR2 AF Plus

  • Canon CR-DGi

  • iCare/CenterVue DRS (notice that we do not support DRSplus, but only DRS!)

  • Cobra HD/5M

  • Cobra Retina 400

  • Cobra VX620

  • Essilor Retina 550

  • Huvitz HOCT-1 1F (Not tested for DR and AMD)

  • Kowa Nonmyd L-D

  • Kowa Nonmyd 7

  • MiiS Horus DEC100 (Not for DR and AMD)

  • MiiS Horus DEC200

  • Nidek AFC-210

  • Nidek AFC-330

  • Nidek RS-330

  • Optomed Aurora (Not for DR and AMD)

  • Optomed Smartscope M5 (Not for DR and AMD)

  • Phelcon Eyer (Not tested for DR and AMD)

  • Remidio FOP (Not for DR and AMD)

  • Rodenstock FunduScope

  • Sun Kingdom SK-650A

  • Tomey TFC-1000

  • Topcon NW-200

  • Topcon NW-300

  • Topcon NW-400

  • Topcon NW-6SF

  • Topcon NW-8F

  • Volk Pictor Plus (Not for DR and AMD)

  • Zeiss Pro NM

  • Zeiss Visucam 200

  • Zeiss Visucam 242

  • Zeiss Visucam 524

  • Zeiss Visuscout 100 (Not for DR and AMD)

Incompatible fundus cameras

  • Next Sight Nexy

  • Essilor RETINA 800

  • iCare/CenterVue DRSplus

  • Visionix VX650

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