Statistics for each account

Each user-account has it's own Statistics-page where historical account usage information is available. You can find the Statistics-page by clicking on Statistics in the Username-dropdown in the main menu.

The Statistics-page, for each account, shows the usage of each automated screening-type, manual assessments and accumulated found results.

As standard, the statistics are grouped per month in each year. If you want to see even more granular data, click on the "Click for statistics splitted per day"-label displayed under your username on the Statistics-page.

Statistics for chain administrators

Chain administrators will be able to view the usage and results statistics for all users in the chain.

The data will be displayed as soon as the chain administrator logs in and is grouped by usernames by default. It's possible to view historical statistics from before the current year and more detailed statistics per user.

Downloading/Exporting statistics

It's possible to download a CSV-file with the statistics from a specific user or for an entire chain.
Scroll down to the bottom of the Statistics-view that you are on and click on the "Download CSV file...."-label.

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