The PDF report is a communicational handout, which details exactly what the client has been screened for, what the results were and what the recommended next steps are (if any).

The PDF can be given to the client after the screening to help them understand and remember an eye-screening. The document can also be used to refer a patient to further medical examination (along-side a more formal referral document containing important information such as symptoms and visual acuity).

The printable PDF report is a feature, which is enabled as standard for all customers. 

Printing the PDF

The PDF report is accessed by going to the Detailed-page of each image and clikcing on the "Print result document"-button to the right of the fundus/retinal image:

From here, click on the Print-icon or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL/CMD+P to bring up the print-dialog.

Customizing the PDF

The PDF also allows for customisation (on a per-chain basis), if needed in four areas:

  1. Logo (use your own company logo or show/hide logo)

  2. Shop information (such as company name, company address and company phone number)

  3. Show/hide Client name

  4. Show/hide Client reference

Please contact us, if you wish to have PDF customised.

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