How do I use RetinaLyze?

First, go to the website:

Fill in your username and password, and click on “Login” 

Now you will see a page where all the photos missing a response are listed. Choose the photo you wish to respond to.

A more detailed layout of the photo is now shown. To the right the name and ID-number of the patient are visible.

You can remove and add the annotations found by the automated analysis by using the controls “Remove/Show DR overlay”, “Remove/Show AMD overlay” and “Remove/Show Glaucoma overlay”.

You can also zoom in the photo to investigate a specific area by using the controls “Zoom in” and “Zoom out”. Choose “Reset” to return to the original photo size.

You can move around in the photo by using the mouse. Press and hold the left mouse button down, thereafter, move the mouse to move around in the photo.

How do I send a response to the optician? 

To respond on a specific case, use the fields to the right. 

In this example, both analyses are run (DR and AMD), therefore, an answer in both must be given. When only one of the analyses is run, this will be the only available option to give a respond.

Tick of the responses you wish to give and write a comment on what you have found. 

Click “Send response”. Hereafter, you answer will be registered and the photo will disappear from your overview.



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